What is the BTClock?

A open-source block-shaped “clock” which can show you information related to bitcoin. It is open-source and you can build it yourself.

When building it yourself, you will need to do some soldering. However, this shop also offers pre-soldered versions, where either the more difficult-to-solder SMD components are pre-soldered or all the components are soldered on the PCB.

Note that this shop only offers the custom built components. To make a fully working BTClock, you will also need to buy 7x 2.13 inch B/W displays by WeAct and a Wemos S3 mini. Both are sold on AliExpress (please make sure you buy the right version, the 3-color Black/White/Red version is not supported because of the long refresh time).

The build instructions can be found on GitHub, there you will also find the links on AliExpress.

(Note for buyers from the US, assembled clocks are available from the US-based BTC Hardware Solutions shop).

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Showing all 6 results